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Tarot Card(s) of the Week

Four Major Arcanas popped up this week and they were all positive ones. Although “Death” is a positive card – to me. I guess it depends on how you want to look at the cards and what it’s telling you.

Sunday: The Empress – Another maternal card. Shocker.

Monday: The Hanged Man – Let it go. Later in the week, I allowed myself to finally cry. For everything. For nothing.

Tuesday: Six of Swords – Difficult times are almost over. While this is a trying time I don’t know if I would describe it as difficult. But I am curious to see how I will change my approach in the aftermath.

Wednesday: The Emperor – Stable. For me Wednesdays are always the day of the week when I feel like I finally

Thursday: Mother of Wands – This is the day I finally let go and started to cry, feeling terrible my sons were feeling sad because of a broken marriage.

Friday: The Star – Hope

Saturday: Mother of Cups – I was able to spend time just with my oldest son and even though it’s hard to have one on one time at this moment it was a great reminder that each child needs to have their own time with me doing something they enjoy.

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