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Tarot Card(s) of the Week: Snow Moon Edition

This past weekend we experienced a full moon so I decided to do a more in depth spread. I used one from Rowdy Goddess’ site that has you asking for clarity about a situation. I was not happy with my spread.I thought about doing another one because it felt all over the place but “all over the place” is my current state of mind.



Card One:       What is nearest and dearest to your heart in this matter? Seven of Cups. Basically I am not seeing clearly and I need to take a step back before everything comes tumbling down.

Card Two:      What does your intuition tell you about the situation? Four of Wands. Since this was the second card I pulled after getting one about me basically having my head in the clouds, I need work harder on staying grounded and realistic and I will be able to reap the benefits.

Card Three:    What does your imagination tell you about the situation? The Hanged Man. Time to let shit go. I could make a list of things I need to let go but stubborn me (I blame my double Gemini and Taurus signs) has me holding onto some very difficult situations from the past.

Card Four:     What is hidden beneath the surface? Mother of Pentacles. I am taking this one very literal because a lot of my underlying stress is making sure I am doing and giving my sons the best version of me.

Card Five:      What is out of reach at this time? Five of Cups. Ok, so maybe this spread wasn’t so bad. This card represents sorrow and I need it to be as far away from my present as possible. But I also know that it is right there lingering on the border and I need to make sure it keeps it’s distance.

Card Six:  What does logic say about this situation? The Chariot. Time to stop beating myself up and realize I am a person who has done amazing things and when I want to be hard on myself I need to focus on the good. I am my own worst enemy and I need to get the hell out of my way.

Card Seven:    What is the possible outcome? Mother of Swords. This card can bring sorrow or it can be healing. I can take my knowledge and be helpful/healing to others. Or I can continue to self-sabotage and go deeper into a slump.


Hmm…so maybe this spread wasn’t too bad. It doest help I am writing this a couple of days after I pulled the cards and since that time things have already shifted.


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