Visiting An Old Stomping Ground

One day last week, I had made plans to go home and bake some cookies. Yes, baking cookies excites me. I got a phone call from my sister and the cookie-baking-
fate was sealed. I was on my way to some old stomping grounds:

I accompanied my sister as she was getting a microdermal. What?s a microdermal you ask? Layman?s terms: permanent body piercing.
As we entered inside Knotty Headz, we were greeted by the one and only, Desiree!
She was cute and spunky! Plus, I have never seen anyone rock big rim glasses, knee high socks and flip flops as well as she did. It?s all about the attitude.
My sister had planned to get the microdermal on top of her butterfly tattoo that is on her foot:

Desiree told us the top of the foot is not a good place for a microdermal as the body will reject the piercing leaving my sister with an ugly tattoo and foot scar. Anywhere on the body that has a lot of bone and movement will not be a good place. Plus, your piercing needs time to heal (total of 3 months) and the constant contact with putting and taking off shoes, socks, etc, would not be good for the piercing or foot.
Even though my sister was bummed that she couldn?t get it in her first choice I was happy for the information. I rather have a piercer or tattoo-er tell me the real deal rather than just take my money and move on. After many body parts were discussed and shown, my sister decided on a new spot, her ankle:

I want to state this: Besides a doctor?s office, a tattoo or piercing studio is the only other place I know where people lose some of their inhibitions and start flashing body parts. It?s great.
 We should all be freer. Whoa?the hippie in me just came out?..
Show and tell was done and the decision had been made. Now it was time to pick out the jewelry and sign some paper work.

I wasn?t able to go in the room while the piercing was being done. So in order to get the next pictures I had to pull out my inner Michael:

Getting ready. Wearing gloves (keeping in sanitary):

Placing a dot for accuracy:

I had videotaped the process but for the life of of I cannot get it to upload.
Update: It was uploaded but Blogger went wonky so I think it’s gone buh-bye again. I’ll try to upload it again. 

She?s pierced!!

How does the customer feel about her recent purchase?

I will say, seeing her get this piercing has given me the itch. One that I will get scratched. Stay tuned??..


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